Unofficial Sybase Advantage components XE8


SAP Sybase have yet to provide their DAC components for RadStudio XE8. Pending an official release, I have modified their XE7 version for use with XE8.

Download source code here: advantagedb

You can find these components in my public repository at:


Please read the README.txt file and take note of the disclaimer!

[Edit: Ensure you have installed BDE, available from your EDN account.]

This package should be considered a stop-gap measure until SAP Sybase officially release an XE8 compatible package.

If you come across problems, or even better, solutions to them, please register and post a comment here. I’d like to feed notes, cautions and fixes back to those that find it useful.

Notes on changes to original.

1) I took the source code provided in the offical XE7 version of the
components, (installed under program files x86) and put it into a
new package “Ads11_10_XE8.dpk”

2) I excluded adsl.pas as this is specific to the lazarus implementation,
and incompatible with Delphi.

3) I then added the requirements dcldb.dcp and designide.dcp to the package.

4) I then modified the file to add the same conditional define
as is used for XE7 (because there have been no breaking changes to the
compiler between XE7 and XE8 to impact this source).

Thanks for reading!


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6 thoughts on “Unofficial Sybase Advantage components XE8”

  1. Hi Craig.
    Thanks for posting this – XE8 is of limited use for much of what we do without ADS.
    I’m having trouble however – I had to prefix most of the uses clauses with ‘vcl.’ – am I missing something? now it falls over at the lack of dbtables (?bde.tables).
    Thanks for any pointers

    • That’s my bad.
      You need to have BDE installed, which you can download from your EDN account.
      I’d originally included this in the instructions, but it went missing at some point?
      As for the vcl prefix, try adding vcl to the package requires.
      I’ll make the changes and upload.

    • Hi Hugo,

      The link is for a subversion repository, which is why it won’t open in a regular browser.
      You can open it using RadStudio…

      1) “File -> Open From Version Control”
      2) Select “Subversion” from the dialog.
      3) Put the URL into the “URL of Repository” field.
      4) Put your chosen download directory into the “Destination” field.
      5) When the download is complete, select the “….\Ads11_10_XE8.dproj” file.

      Alternatively, you could download another subversion client such as TortoiseSVN (google is your friend here).
      Please let me know how you get on 🙂

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