Monthly Archive: February 2017


Embarcadero Delphi Linux Bootcamp

Join myself and Jim McKeeth tomorrow for our Delphi Linux Bootcamp, in which we’ll cover the setup of a development environment for building Linux applications with Delphi. We’ll look at hello world, debugging linux...


In Car Entertainment with Delphi – Part 1

I am so excited!  Let me tell you all about my “Powered by Delphi” in-car entertainment project. I should warn you up-front, that this post (Part-1) is not strictly a Delphi related post, those...


On SoA and SOAP and REST with WebBroker

There has been a lot of talk from Embarcadero recently, regarding their RAD Server product, which is an excellent product, but today I’d like to discuss a far older technology included with RadStudio and...