Random Anecdote

I moved to Dallas Texas in 2012. Less than a week after arriving, I visited a local bar which claimed to be an English bar.

There, I was drawn by curiostiy to engage in conversation with a man that wore a live parrot on his shoulder. He claimed to be a physisist, and to have evidence that the universe is a mere 7000 to 8000 years old.

I asked this physisist how he explained light having reached us from distant stars. He happily explained that the light was created in place, already enroute to us.

My new physisist friend made several attempts to divert my enquiry into what his evidence was. Ultimately however, I learned that it was essentially “feelings based” evidence.

While I disagree with him, this interesting (if somewhat confused) man gave me a conversation that I remember 5 years on. I will likely remember it for many years to come.

This anecdote needs no conclusion, but I find myself compelled to give it one. This is a life lesson. The most entertaining exchanges in life, are usually those with whom you disagree. Do not dismiss people because you disagree with them. Don’t allow pride driven anger to rob you of the opportunity to hear what someone else has to say.

P.S. Don’t believe a Texan business or product to be a true reflection of an English counterpart.

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