COM object written in C#, Consumed in Delphi.

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  1. Hi

    Thanks for the video, great work. I followed your video, and implemented a basic HelloWorld function. Unfortunately I get an error on the Delphi side the moment the function logic gets called which states “Invalid number of parameters”.Its just an error popup that gets thrown by the application.
    If you perhaps know off the bat what the solution to the problem is, I would appreciate it, but if you need more information like code etc, I will be more than happy to post it.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Obviously I can’t make promises, but I’m happy to take a look. Off the top of my head I don’t know, however, an invalid parameter list suggests possibly an issue with the registered method header. Be sure you’ve un-registered any previously registered COM class by the same name (i.e. if you made previous attempts and altered the method header). Post your C# Class and Method header + the Delphi calling code at and share the link with me, I’ll give it a look.

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