Delphi and C++ Builder Trending up on TIOBE!

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  1. Prior to posting this, I emailed TIOBE regarding the discrepancy between “Pascal” and “Object Pascal” and it’s variants. TIOBE replied saying that they’ve already investigated this issue and that their investigation showed that 11% of hits for “Pascal” pertain to Object Pascal or Delphi. They also claimed to have accounted for this in their index by giving 11% of the “Pascal” hits to “Object Pascal”.

    I maintain however that all results for “Pascal” should be attributed to “Object Pascal” because any case where they aren’t related, they are also not related to any programming language at all. For example, we don’t need to know how “Pascal’s wager” ranks against C++, so if those hits for “Pascal” aren’t related to “Object Pascal” then what programming language are they for? I still find it highly unlikely that they are related to classic “Pascal” and that it makes it so high on the index. No. More likely they are related to a modern pascal variant, or are not programming related at all.

    TIOBE do not separate by compiler, but by language. This is the reason we do not see a separation between Visual C++, GNU C++, C++ Builder, but rather a single C++ grouping. Similarly, the vast majority of modern pascal compilers should be grouped, including GNU Pascal, FreePascal, and Delphi as they are all closely related and count as “Object Pascal.”

    In cases where language variants are significantly different, such as between Visual Basic.NET and VBScript for example, TIOBE are right to separate the results. This may be the case with the Oxygene compiler. However, in such cases the hits which are not directly related to the specific language variant are fair game to be added to the generic grouping. For example, a hit for “How to do X in basic” might be suitable for either VB or VBScript, and it’s fair to count this hit under the generic “Basic”. Similarly, a hit for “Pascal” which pertains to Oxygene but using the “Pascal” keyword is good to be added to the “Pascal” index because it represents the similarities between Object Pascal and Oxygene more so than the differences.

    Finally, you may wish that your favorite compiler were given it’s own separate grouping on the index. I.E. FreePascal being separated. That’s fine by me, I don’t make the rules for TIOBE. I’m sure if there were some clear way to separate that data TIOBE would be fine with that too. My point is not to bolster the number of hits for Delphi unfairly, and I have no real interest in a discussion on how I’d like to see TIOBE change their policies, that’s their business. My point here is to illustrate that TIOBE have two policies which, as they stand today, conflict in the case of Delphi to unjustly damage it’s ranking.

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