Brutally Roll Your Own Backend – Part 2

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  1. Great series!

    did the brolly script disappear forever? I’m curious how it works. Would like to learn how it was made. I’m quite new to all this.

    • Actually, I restored it a while back…

      chmod +x brollyinit.bash

      However, I’ve not tested or maintained it in a very long time because I replaced it…

      chmod +x brolly
      (* wait for installation to complete *)

      The replacement is written in pascal using freepascal and I’m not yet ready to share the code.
      I’ll also caution the usual – not responsible for damages caused by it’s use or misuse – because it’s really an unsupported experiment.
      The new version has a bug which makes it a bit slower than the original, but it also has more functionality. f.x. I added an LDAP configuration which it uses as an authentication system for a subversion server. It’s really been developed for my own needs over time, more so than a product or anything of that nature.
      Enjoy at own risk 🙂

  2. Larry says:

    Hello Craig, any feedback regarding my earlier query?
    I know it’s down to the Delphi portion running on a PC and the RESTDebugger as my application running on an Android and the dashboard/web front end I wrote all work fine….along with your code example if compiled on the Delphi XE7 I have and it’s RESTDebugger application which I’m now using in the 10.3.1 IDE Tools.
    Thanks, Regards – Larry

  3. Larry says:

    Hello Craig, I’ve really enjoyed this series of videos you posted. I learned loads and followed your presentation easily.
    I have a problem however and can’t find the answer on the net. I use Delphi 10.3.1, it’s RESTDebugger POST command does not seen to work, using techniques I learned watching your series a POST is received buy the server as a GET. This also happens when running your admin program in Windows. I dug out an old laptop of mine which has XE7 installed and your admin program and it’s RESTDebugger work!!. Any ideas. Thanks, Regards Larry.

    • Good Timing.
      I was using the RESTDebugger from 10.2 this morning for a POST call on a live stream and that was working, so this must be new to 10.3
      I’ve just run this past some others that may be able to test it.

  4. Hi Craig thanks for this.

    I can’t seem to find the BROLLY script. returns 404

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