Brutally Roll Your Own Backend – Part 13

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Brutally Roll Your Own is a video series on building a PUSH enabled mobile application from scratch, using a Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) server for the back end, and Delphi for the mobile app. In Part-13 we add vendor “shift” tracking and generation of loyalty point codes…

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5 thoughts on “Brutally Roll Your Own Backend – Part 13”

  1. When testing your start/stop process (4th go ~ 00:43:00 min mark), the mysql data times are initially 11:22:14 and 00:00:00 , but change to 11:23:12 and 11:22:14. Ie. Start moves to stop with new start time. A mysql timestamp generation issue?

    • Not an issue with the db or the code, an issue with me.

      I frequently pause recording to take breaks, chop pieces that I feel are overly laborious, or to cut out annoying sounds that bleed into recording.

      I also may pause to debug, generate bad data, and then insert new data in its place. There is nothing dishonest going on, this is recorded in close to real time, but if I go off on a tangent and end up debugging something stupid, I prefer to revert and save wasting viewing time too much.

      Part 13 was one of the toughest parts so far to edit, owing mainly to allergies and to my failing concentration as I talk and code.

      In any case, these are the reasons for inconsistency in the data from time to time.

      • *bump* I just reviewed the time index, that particular edit was because my wife was talking loudly on the phone, as you can hear in the recording. Something got missed when I paused to go move her away from my office door. :+)

        • Ha! You’re a brave man doing all this off the cuff in the first place!
          ps This is possibly the first ‘meaty’ demo from Emb* I’ve ever seen.
          Ie. something that pulls together several technologies to create a non-trivial application. Looking forward to the PUSH sections. Thanks.
          * I know, not officially Embarcadero

          • I really appreciate the encouragement. I’m not sure if it was bravery or ignorance of the amount of work involved! I described it as a “short” video series but it’s already almost twice as long as I intended. Having fun doing it though.

            I also really appreciate the recognition that it’s not missing the main course. I was recently asked to contribute to video content for the company, which I did, but again the videos were short and light on technical detail. It was while recording them that I decided to build this series.

            PUSH is coming soon I promise. I plan to go straight to the Android API and side-step the EMBT PUSH classes. I do plan to shirk one detail, I intend to receive the notifications but not consume their data payload (this app just doesn’t call for it, and it’s not difficult to add).

            As we’re nearing the completion of features, I hope you enjoy the rest of the series! …

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