Brutally Roll Your Own Backend – Part 21 – Final Part

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    As “stratonet” has mentioned, Job very well done. I found your approach and your unscripted approach rather refreshing. Hearing you talk and your thought process was rather interesting and more captivating, especially the way you kid yourself. It reminds us all of the steps we all go thru when doing an project no matter how small or large, we all talk to our selves. I would like to offer two suggestions. First on on your “filters” i use a similar approach but use filter[‘namehere’] as in php this will create a nice array for you. Second in the db section using default values for the field to help with the “null” issues might be usefull to.. I too hope you will be doing the ‘After the Brutality” series as too am curious to see how well it helped out your client. Thank you again for all of your effort !! It was definitely greatly appreciated.

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    A really useful video series, thank you very much, I genuinely appreciate the time and effort that has gone into this. As a novice programmer I actually found it enlightening to listen to you ‘thinking out loud’. Sometimes I thought that’s neat and learned from it and occasionally I thought noooo… don’t do that 😉 If you do get the opportunity to do ‘After the Brutality’ then I for one will definitely be back on board. It will be really interesting to see how this developed into a full release and also that it will have hopefully benefitted the business you have developed it for. All the best for the future.

  3. And thank you for following along and getting involved with comments. Can’t wait to have time for another video series. I think I’ll pre-record the next one up front 🙂

  4. IanK says:

    Thanks for a marathon effort. 🙂

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