Embarcadero Delphi Linux Bootcamp

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  1. Peter_B says:

    Hi Craig, a typically helpful tutorial as ever, I enjoyed it… thank you. I had looked forward to Delphi employing the Linux platform for sometime. As a pretty novice user, would be ISV, I stretch to Delphi Professional with the Mobile Add-on pack at best… you’ll immediately guess what I’m about to comment on 🙂 I can understand Embarcadero limiting features eg. FireDAC but I am really surprised that platforms are limited ! To go to ‘Enterprise’ would be the best part of 5000 USD … which is heavy but I suppose from Embarcadero’s point of view understandable ! Perhaps this is kind of ‘out of place’ here but just thought I’d mention it, to me it is an odd strategy on Embarcadero’s part. If you feel like putting in good word for ‘Professional’ users everywhere, feel free 😉 … sadly 10.2 Tokyo is pretty disappointing for us, we don’t even get the pretty ‘cityscape’ splash screen prior to the IDE opening 🙂 I’m back on 10.1 now.

    Thanks as ever, all the best and keep the interesting blog posts coming.

  2. aradi says:

    Hello CRAIG ,
    Thanks for the great tutorial , i followed the steps and it worked perfectly from the first time using REDHAT 7,1. However the resulting JSON output not supporting other languages like arabic. I get ???? in the browser .
    like this where the names suppose to be in arabic . I am using UTF8 in MYSQL . : [{“PersonID”:”2″,”FirstName”:”????”,”LastName”:”????”,”Address”:”aradi”,”City”:”????”}]

    I have tried to fix , but did not succeed. Any guidance i am new to delphi..


    • Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of experience working with languages other than English. Hopefully someone else reading this will be able to help, and I’ll check internally with EMBT to see if anyone else can help.

      It occurs to me that the compiler may be converting to ASCII during the response from the web server, in which case you’d need to convert the result string to UTF-8 and return it using Response.ContentStream rather than Response.Content. Let me raise this with R&D and see if I can get any answers on it.

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