Calling Linux Commands from Delphi

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  1. The simplest solution for UTF8 is to completely replace the BufferToString() function with the Delphi system function Utf8ToString()….

    while fgets(@data[0],Sizeof(Data),Handle)<>nil do begin

    However, Utf8ToString() does not have a character limiter to stop it from overrunning the end of the buffer. In order to resolve this you would need to pass a pre-zero’d buffer into fGets() and pass the size of the buffer less one byte (to protect the terminating zero). Or otherwise, simply pass a buffer large enough for the content + zero byte.

  2. says:

    Hi Craig,
    Nice post and very useful one!
    In practice your BufferToString function works incorrectly with non-ascii symbols (e.g. UTF8)

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