Installing WebBroker projects in Microsoft IIS

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  1. Craig, is the handler Mappings handled different in IIS 10? .ttx part in the video doesn’t work the same way as mine. I’m running IIS 10 in my Win10 machine. Thank you for this video though. 🙂

    • Umar Yousaf says:

      Thanks Craig. like Larry, script mapping to .ttx was not working for me. I have IIS 10 on Win 10.

      • I’m sure you’ve tried it every which way, but please make sure the handler mapping remains enabled and be aware that the order of the list matters (if you have a wild-card above it in the list for example, that gets triggered first). It’s been a few years since this video was made, and about as long since I installed an ISAPI, but time permitting I’ll try making the video project over and see if I run into similar issues. I’m sure it’ll be an IIS config issue rather than
        an issue with the Delphi / Web Broker side of things.

  2. Larry Wadsworth says:

    Craig, great video! Loved the way you set up your folders to have a standalone test version and an IIS version. Many thanks.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for this video Craig.

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