The Ultimate Developer Keyboard?

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  1. Gerry Coll says:

    I would have one problem with the keyboard pictured:
    Stupid blue graphics on the function keys, instead of an easily readable F1 etc. I occasionally need to look when I swap from Rad Studio to Visual Studio and my muscle memory gets confused. Also when using non-IDEs, e.g. quick keys in games.

    I use an old “Microsoft digital media” keyboard at work, all keys are in usual places and full size, but F1 labels are on the side of the keys, so still easily visible, and it has some actually useful controls for sound, as well as pointless ones for email and web
    At home I have an old HP keyboard, from before they became crap – solid, good key feel and standard layout. Don’t get me started on laptops,,,

  2. Can you explain why RollOver requires a PS2 socket? I don’t think I’ve used a computer with a PS2 plug for a good fifteen years.

  3. “The Das Keyboard” – what a name. Reminds me of “Die Bart, Die!” 🙂

    I can hear your keys clicking whenever we do a podcast together. At least now I know why. That keyboard looks well worth trying. I have fond memories of the IBM PC keyboards, and of the Compaq 386 keyboards, which were softer but still clicky.

  4. IBM Model M – End of discussion.

    • I don’t believe I have a computer with a 9-pin DIN socket anymore?! o.O
      (That was sarcasm, just couldn’t resist.)

      • I have two Model Ms at home: One with 5-pin DIN and one with PS/2. Luckily the cables can be detached so I can just swap them if one of the keyboards should ever break (I seriously doubt it). I’ve been using the one I’m typing on now for 25 years.

        The only real problem with the Model M is that it uses more power than a modern USB keyboard and is more sensitive to the PS/2 protocol implementation. When cold booting the PC it can take a few tries before the keyboard powers properly up.

        At work I use a QPAD MK80 with Cherry MX Blue switches. They are the kind that match the Model M the closest – but still no contest 🙂

  5. Jim McKeeth says:

    Looks like I need a keyboard upgrade.

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