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Additional Aside – Sticky Drives

When shopping for an XBox to modify, do not fear sticky drives.

It is of course possible that an XBox with a sticky drive is actually damaged and therefore you could end up with a broken unit, however, sticky drives is also a common fault on these old systems and the cause is simply… dust.

There’s a little rubber band just inside the CD tray, which is visible when the tray is open. That rubber band absorbs dust over time and starts to slip, and this is the cause of the sticky drive. Simply cleaning that rubber band will solve the problem. Now it can be tricky to remove, and particularly tricky to put back that rubber band, which is generally done with tweezers – but removing, cleaning, and restoring it will most likely solve the sticking drive problem. It may also be possible to clean with a close up shot of compressed air, which I’ve not tried but plan to try on a spare I have (I’ll report here if that works). I may also try cleaning one with a cotton bud while it remains in the drive.

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