The Amibox Project


Painting and rebranding your XBox is of course optional to this process, and I’m sure you know how. Point can at XBox, press trigger. That said, there are a couple of points that I came across that may be of interest to you.

First of all, I already understood that you should not mix Laqure and Enamel based paints, but I made the assumption that buying the same Brand and Series of paints would ensure they were compatible. I was wrong. Rustoleum apparently make their Series in Laqure and Enamel variants, and they don’t state as much on the tin! Instead, in the small print the Laqure based paint will read “Apply all coats within the hour, recoat after 48 hours” and the Enamel paint will read “Recoat anytime”. Make sure you have compatible paints and observe the drying and coating times. This “Gotcha” got me, and I ended up with crinkled base-coat when I applied the clear. I had to re-sand and re-spray which is time consuming.

Mid-way through spraying.

I also wanted to add the decals for the Boing ball. To do this I removed the case jewel from the xbox and sanded off the green. I then sprayed the jewel white like the case, and applied a printed transparent sticker of the red-parts using Neato clear sticking paper.
A good video on how to remove the case jewel…

Neato Transparency paper:

The decal wants to bubble as you apply it to the case jewel because the jewel is not flat. To account for this, I cut the sticker in an “almost circle” and then made a cut right through the radius from the edge to the center, along one of the lines on the ball. I was able to smooth and push bubbles and wrinkles either to the edge, or to this cut, and it’s not noticable.
I also cut from the outside edge of the sticker to the edge of the jewel in 2-4mm increments to make folding the edges over easier, and to prevent introducing wrinkles.

Finally, the XBOX DVD draw cover pops right off with clips. I used some 60-grit sanding paper on an orbital sander to remove the embossed XBOX lettering. I then sprayed this white too, and again used transparency paper to apply the sticker.

I don’t remember if I saved the last scale changes that I made to the Amiga Logo in this file, but here’s the Gimp image file that I used.

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