A Farewell to Embarcadero.

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  1. Craig, I really appreciate your tutorial on Delphi REST, hopefully there could still be more about it. Please do more and thank you for your contributions to the Delphi community. πŸ™‚

  2. Michael Riley says:

    What an awesome, awesome, attitude you have Chapman.

    “There have been three occasions on which I told myself, if it’s important enough, you make the time.”

    I recently have done something similar. Stop saying “I don’t have time” – Say “It’s not a priority”

    Thank you for such a gracious post!

  3. Hey Craig, really dissappointed to hear this. From the ukDeveloperGroup (www.ukdevgroup.co.uk) as we have been covering more REST development your tutorials are cited as great material, well paced, excellently delivered. We would love to have you talk (remotely or in person) at one of our events. For me personally as Delphi fan and MVP, I’m gutted as I think you at the other notable enthusiasts within EMBT help in keeping the faith when it seems from the outside that EMBT doesn’t have the pulse of the grass root users. Thanks for not doing an EMBT / Idera bashing. Good luck. Jason Chapman (JAC2 Consultancy Ltd)

  4. Welcome to the other side – hope that the stream of interesting content continues – now that time permits πŸ˜‰ – but enjoy the Summer.

  5. Bruce McGee says:

    Very sorry to hear this, but I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to next.

  6. Thank you for your efforts to promote Delphi! And good luck in whatever the future holds for you! (Which will hopefully include some further Delphi contributions.)

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