Brutally Build Your Own Server Script (BROLLY)


The “Brutally Roll Your Own Server” scripts are a set of scripts for use with an Ubuntu server in order to configure the server for first use.
They may work with newer versions of Ubuntu or other Debian based distributions, however, they are tested to work on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS only. (*NEW Now updated to work with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

Originally built as my own personal server configuration scripts, these were adapted for use in my “Brutally Roll Your Own Back-End” video series, and then further adapted to be used in future video series under the “Brutally Roll Your Own…” prefix.

What these scripts do:

  • Initialize some essential configuration such as host-name and time-zone.
  • Add an administrative user account and locks out root access via SSH.
  • Configure IPTables to function as a firewall for the server.
  • Install a scripting directory from which some simple server administration tasks may be performed.
  • Install a backup and restore script set, which can be used to backup your configuration and data.
  • Install a script plugin system which allow future enhancements and updates to the script set.
  • *NEW Install Apache2, MySQL5.5 and PHP7
  • *NEW SVN Subversion source code control system.

The following video is from the “Brutally Roll Your Own Back End” series, and explains how to install the “Brutally Roll Your Own Server” script, from here in named “BROLLY” (BrutallyROLL.YourOwn)


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Still to come…

I will also be adding a short video on how the BROLLY script was constructed, and how you can add your own software installation packages into it. In fact, my original install script collection includes several software packages which I have not yet migrated into BROLLY, including:

  • Jenkins Build Server
  • XRDP Remote desktop with KDE
  • PLEX Media Server
  • RSync Backup module
  • WordPress auto-install.
  • + More

I plan to migrate these packages into BROLLY as time permits.
In addition, the entire BROLLY script set, once deemed stable, will be Open Source, so you can host your own mirror or add your own packages.

The download…

Download the BROLLY initialization script here… 

or by typing the following on your command line:

bash brollyinit.bash

and enjoy!


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