REST, You’re doing it wrong.

  My wife recently expressed her frustration with the abundance of blog posts entitled ‘you’re doing it wrong’, or some approximation there-of; and so I could hardly resist writing one of my own! In this post I’d like to take a look at REST, and how it’s being used, or perhaps misused. Just to be … Read more

Calling Linux Commands from Delphi

One of the great features of Linux is that you can do just about anything from the command line. If we’re able to gain access to command line instructions from our Delphi applications, this will give us a very powerful API for the system. In this video I’m going to show you how to access … Read more

Creating a Linux Daemon (service) in Delphi.

With the introduction of the Linux target for Delphi, a wide range of possibilities are opened up to Delphi developers, to create Linux server applications. Unfortunately there are currently a limited number of project types available from the RAD Studio IDE, and those do not include creating a service (or Daemon as it’s called in … Read more

Embarcadero Delphi Linux Bootcamp

Join myself and Jim McKeeth tomorrow for our Delphi Linux Bootcamp, in which we’ll cover the setup of a development environment for building Linux applications with Delphi. We’ll look at hello world, debugging linux applications, deploying apache2 modules using WebBroker, and accessing a MySQL database using FireDAC. The penguins are coming, be prepared! Register Here … Read more

On SoA and SOAP and REST with WebBroker

There has been a lot of talk from Embarcadero recently, regarding their RAD Server product, which is an excellent product, but today I’d like to discuss a far older technology included with RadStudio and related products. Web Broker has been in Rad Studio since the 90’s and is a great technology for building middle-ware, let … Read more