cwTest Documentation

cwTest is a compiler agnostic unit testing library for the Delphi and Freepascal compilers. It is not so feature rich as the unit testing frameworks which ship with each compiler, nor does it aim to be. cwTest was written in order to allow unit tests to be written using either compiler while remaining compatible, on a source code level, with both compilers. It’s initial purpose was simply to allow me to write tests for the projects that I share via my blog, while leaving the choice of compiler up to the reader. The library is thus intentionally light weight. This page will serve as documentation for the library.

Note: Auto generated documentation from the source code may be found at


  1. Obtaining and Installing The cwTest Library.
  2. (Getting Started) Creating a Unit Testing Project.
  3. The TTest utility name-space.

[ This document is a work in progress, there is more to come. Meanwhile, the source code for cwTest.pas is commented with further information that is not mentioned here. ]