Deploying iOS icons and images with RadStudio.


When a customer called the office asking me to tell them how to deploy custom icons with their iOS application, I have to admit I had believed it to be a trivial question to answer. It turns out however, that I was wrong. I did what I expect anyone would do, I loaded a custom image into my project options and deployed it to my iPad, and …. well the default RadStudio flame icon showed up.

As it turns out, you must supply an additional file with your application, it’s called an optset file and it’s used to tell iOS where all of the icons are in the installation package. In fact, in order to publish an application with all of the required images (to totally customize away from the flame image), there’s quite a lot of work to do. You first have to generate your images in multiple resolutions, and then supply the optset file reference them all.

Thankfully, while searching for information on the subject, I came across a tool which takes the pain out of this process…

*Warning* – I’ve had reports that importing the optset file generated by this tool can cause corruption of the project file. It worked well for me, however, you should back-up your project before trying this!

Thank you Delphi CodeSmith!




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