Embed the Chromium browser in your Delphi projects using DCEF3

In this video, I demonstrate installing the DCEF3 project into Delphi/RAD 10.2 Tokyo to provide the embedded Chromium browser to your VCL and Windows FMX projects. Since the chromium browser is used by default on Mobile targets, this allows your windows applications to use a compatible browser to the one used on other targets.

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3 thoughts on “Embed the Chromium browser in your Delphi projects using DCEF3”

  1. Hi Craig,
    Thanks very much, for your video tutorial. I was able to make it work on DCEF3 but there seems to be a big change in DCEF4. If you got time, could you make a video for DCEF4 as well? I couldn’t find any people who make a tutorial on this new version at all. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi, was able to make it work following your instructions with a VCL project. But, when I try to build a fmx project, it gives me 50 errors when try to compile for Android. I am using Tokyo too. The errors appears in ceflib unit. Can you help me? Thanks

    • Your question would be better placed on the issues section for the DCEF github project since the authors will likely have more idea about it than I do (also be sure to post the actual error messages or a screen shot). Having said that, you could simply use the TWebBrowser component from FMX, it is a Chrome/Chromium browser anyway. I suspect the DCEF project may not maintain support for Android for that reason.
      If you do post to the GitHub project, come back here and share the link, I’ll pass it around some friends that may know more.
      If you do post an issue, please consider putting it in a comment here – I can direct the attention of people who know better at it.

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