ISO-14977 Compliant EBNF railroad diagrams.


Back in March 2014, I wrote a post on my blog about an EBNF parsing tool that I’d written, which generated HTML5 output containing railroad diagrams.

Being quite a technical tool, on my rather obscure blog, I’d come to the conclusion that no one was using it. At some point in December last year, I decided to separate out my blog into two blogs, one (this one) related to Rad Studio development tools (which is now related to my job at Embarcadero), and another blog containing my personal projects such as the high-altitude balloon project for example.

I was careful to keep a backup of everything, and completed the division of blogs – at which point, I dropped a lot of the archive material to start over. More recently, having completed the process, I erased the back up. *doh* You’d think I’d have learnt by now…

I recently received a message on facebook, from someone that had tracked me down to ask “what did you do with that ebnf tool, can you put it back on your blog please.”

Thankfully, my source code repository will always be backed up, and I’ll never dispose of one of those backups 🙂 So I’ve rebuilt the executable which you can download right here….

It’s a command line tool, and it’s usage can be obtained by running it without any parameters.

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