Mission Plan – Volatus Flight-1

Mission Details:

Flight Computer Hardware:
Name: Volatus
Version 1.0 (working prototype)
MCU: Arduino Uno Atmel328p
Form: Arduino Custom Sheild
GPS: Trimble LassenIQ (discontinued)
Radio: Radiometrix HX-1
Firmware: Custom Volatus 1.0 (telemetry only)
TX Format APRS1200
Flight Details:
Launch Location:  St.Marfa. Lat: 30.3672 Long: -104.0088 Alt: 1450 Time: 1000h CDT
Burst Location: Lat: 30.7416 Long: -102.842 Alt: 32874m Time: 11:46h CDT
Burst Altitude:  32,870 meters
Land Location: Lat: 31.101 Long: -101.769 Time: 13:15h CDT
Ascent Rate:  4.91 m/s
Descent Rate:  2.886 m/s
Time to burst:  106 minutes
Neck Lift: 1733 g / 3.82 lbs
Volume: 2.66 m3 / 2662 L / 94.0 ft3
 Launch Date: 25th April 2015
  Launch Time:  09:00 CDT  (15:00 UTC)
Thanks to CUSF
Landing Predictor
Manufacturer: K-Mont
Weight: 1000g
Return Vehicle:
Type: Drone Parachute (UAV)
Manufacturer: ?? UK Military Surplus.
Dimensions: 29″ Radius / 58″ Diameter
 Weight:  175.2g
Payload (single):
Weight:  523g / 18.4483 ounces
Dimensions: H: 11cm W: 12cm L: 17.5cm
Smallest Surface: 132cm/ 51.96″2
Weight to Size: 2.8165 ounces per square inch. (Regulation max = 3)
Telemetry: APRS1200 Volatus flight computer.
Photography: 1) Cannon A560 Powershot with CHDK intervalometer @ 7 seconds.)
Construction: Polystyrene box. Copper ground plate for radio shielding.
Crew: (GSBC Team: Incraigable)
Craig Chapman : Mission Controller, ATC Communicator, Chase Car 1
Gwen Chapman : Navigation & Tracking, Chase Car 1
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