Never solder in your sleep…


This is just another quick update on the status of my flight computer build. I’ve discovered the reason for the flight computer not transmitting any data.

When I first built the board, I’d mistakenly attached the radio TX pin to the Arduino TX pin, and then had to alter that connection so that the Ardunio PWM pin3 was attached to the radio. In doing so, I’d used a very small piece of wire to bridge two solder joints on the board, and, well, it seems my soldering skills let me down once more. That joint had broken away.

I fired up my soldering iron and repaired the fault, and now my flight computer is transmitting a signal!

However, my Kenwood TM-D700A still doesn’t decode that signal (then antenna are only a foot or so apart too). I’m sure this is a software issue. For example, I think the source and destination address data may be incorrect, or perhaps the CRC isn’t correctly calculated. I’m going to be debugging this over the next few evenings. I just hope the fault is with the data it’s self, and not the AFSK1200 modem, because that’ll be more challenging to repair.

Well, that’s enough for this quick update.

Thanks for reading!


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