Use RadStudio with Jenkins – no plugin

How to create a job for Jenkins Build Server which will build and execute a unit test application written using Delphi, and without using any Jenkins plugin. This should work with minimal alteration for C++ Builder too. Pre-requisits You should already have installed Embarcadero Delphi XE2 or newer onto your build server. (Tested on XE5 … Read more

RadStudio BaaS with Kinvey

Introduction to BaaS BaaS stands for Back-end As A Service. In software architecture the terms ‘Back End’ and ‘Front-End’ are used to describe different layers of a software solution. The back end layer of a solution is responsible for handling data, where as the front end is responsible for presenting that data to the end-user. … Read more

Connecting RadStudio to MySQL with FireDAC

A customer called our office recently saying that they could not make Rad Studio connect to a MySQL database, and that an internet search on how to do this had yielded no results. I’ve been using MySQL with Delphi for years, and so this is a situation I set out to remedy…. The problem… Lets … Read more

Databases at Runtime with RadStudio

It can be advantageous to learn how to connect to a database through code alone for certain scenarios, server-side code for example, where a UI is not required. It’s also useful for separating your code (and therefore logic) from the UI, which is often a beneficial design practice. Before we take a look at how … Read more

Configuring the motors of the CNC Mill

I’ve owned this CNC mill for several years. In that time, I’ve rebuilt it twice and added limit switches (crudely using hot melt glue!).  There is something I have never done with it though, and that’s to actually use it. In fact, I’ve never cleanly finished configuring it.  As I set out on my mission … Read more

APRS balloon flight tracker.

This is a re-post of a post I made on my previous blog. I’ve had this tracking board for over a year now, and still didn’t program it! Sometimes life gets in the way, and my life has kept me busy for the past few years. Now it’s time to start looking at this project … Read more