This website has been displaying a message that the site is “under maintenance” for a few days now. This isn’t entirely true, the site is not so much under maintenance, but rather, is being re-built.

It’s funny to me, I’ve joked with friends that often when I go searching for how to do something, typically in Delphi programming, my search engine will return a link to a blog post that I wrote years earlier. I have many ideas for new content that I’d like to add to my website here, but before I do, I feel that many of my older blog posts still contain relevant and valuable information. Many posts are also not so high quality, and should be removed. So I decided to rebuild the ChapmanWorld website from scratch and to curate and copy existing posts into the new website. This process is likely going to take a week or two, and I just didn’t want to leave the “Under maintenance” message up that long!

So, ChapmanWorld is back online. If you’ve found your way here from an old link, which may now be broken, please be patient as I restore my older content, one post at a time. The url’s may change, but for the most part my posts will return. This website and blog has existed for more than a decade now, and thus it became messy and difficult to manage. It’s time to tidy up, and it will take some time to complete.