On SoA and SOAP and REST with WebBroker

There has been a lot of talk from Embarcadero recently, regarding their RAD Server product, which is an excellent product, but today I’d like to discuss a far older technology included with RadStudio and related products. Web Broker has been in Rad Studio since the 90’s and is a great technology for building middle-ware, let … Read more

Task-Bar Icons in Delphi

Under Windows 7, the familiar task bar underwent something of an overhaul. Tasks which once represented the title bar of an application were replaced with icons, each of which supports application previews, progress indicators, and overlay icons to provide additional information about the state of the application. In this post, I’d like to show you … Read more

Add Windows Media Player to your Delphi Applications.

Delphi ships with a component ‘TMediaPlayer’ for playing media files such as video and audio. This component remains in Delphi for the sake of compatibility with older versions, but is quite out-dated and, due to a decreasing number of compatible codecs, it is becoming difficult to maintain. There is however an alternative component for Windows, … Read more

Android with RAD Studio

I’d like to introduce you to Android development using RAD Studio. In this webinar session, I cover the installation of RAD Studio and some basic code examples from Hello World, to consuming a REST service. The examples are not pretty, they are very minimal for the sake of study. This video does not even scratch … Read more

Invalid PLATFORM variable “HPV” or “MCD”

Recently, I’ve had a number of customers contact me asking about these error messages… [Error Error] Invalid PLATFORM variable “MCD” [Error Error] Invalid PLATFORM variable “HPV” I decided to write up a quick post on the cause and resolution for these errors. If you’re seeing either of these error messages while trying to build a … Read more

Brutally Roll Your Own Backend – Part 20

Brutally Roll Your Own is a video series on building a PUSH enabled mobile application from scratch, using a Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) server for the back end, and Delphi for the mobile app. In Part-20 we continue to flesh out the sign-up / sign-in functionality. Sign up for Linode by clicking here!If you select linode … Read more