Arduino Uno and Fast PWM for AFSK1200

  Audio Frequency Shift Keying Telemetry data for my balloon flight will be transmitted onto the APRS (Amateur Packet Reporting System) network, which is a well established network of Amateur Radio Operators here in the US. Data intended for the APRS network is transmitted using the AX.25 protocol (will cover this in a later post) using something called … Read more

AFSK1200 modem written

  Yesterday, I wrote the AFSK-1200 modem for the flight computer. This was challenging, in-fact, I worked several days to figure it out. Being new to the AtMega328p I found the manual tough going. I plan to put together a write-up on this at some point in the future, to help others through the pains. … Read more

Creating and Consuming Soap Services in Delphi.

[UPDATE] For a complete example of building a RESTful JSON service client with Delphi, and a RESTful JSON service using PHP, check out my “Brutally Roll Your Own Backend” video series! Introduction For anyone expecting the next part of my sprites series, please excuse the delay. It’ll come, but work comes first! Today I’d like … Read more

Joining Global Space Balloon Challenge.

I’ve spent the better part of the weekend working on writing the AFSK class for the Volatus flight computer (blog post to come). While sitting in the UKHAS IRC channel, I noticed a post regarding the Global Space Balloon Challenge, a challenge and global community of habbers that I’d not previously been aware of. This challenge … Read more

File handling in Delphi Object Pascal

With new users purchasing Delphi every single day, it’s not uncommon for me to meet users that are new to the Object Pascal language. One such new user contacted me recently with questions about reading and writing structured data to files on disk. In actual fact, this customer was quite specific about the file formats … Read more

ISO-14977 Compliant EBNF railroad diagrams.

Back in March 2014, I wrote a post on my blog about an EBNF parsing tool that I’d written, which generated HTML5 output containing railroad diagrams. Being quite a technical tool, on my rather obscure blog, I’d come to the conclusion that no one was using it. At some point in December last year, I … Read more

JSON with RadStudio Delphi or C++ Builder

An introduction to JSON and using it within RadStudio Delphi or C++ Builder. [UPDATE] For a more complete example of building a RESTful service client with Delphi, and a RESTful JSON service using PHP, check out my “Brutally Roll Your Own Backend” video series! What is JSON? JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a popular format … Read more