The Amibox Project

What happens when you mate an original Microsoft XBox with a Commodore Amiga?

Anyone familiar with my blog will know that it has been heavily Delphi focused for the past few years, but did you know I do other things? This one post is not appearing in the Rad/Delphi category, so if you’re expecting a Delphi post I’m sorry but this is not it. This post is about a vintage 1985-1993 computer called Amiga, and a vintage 2001 games console called XBOX. I set out to build an Amiga-1200 Emulator using a modified old XBox…

xbox to amibox transformation.
Rebranding a Microsoft X-Box as an Amiga.

Please note, I am writing this post to share my experiences with you, but NOT as a guide to building an Amiga using an XBox. That said, if you plan to replicate my results, I’m sure that the information within will be useful in understanding what you’ll need, and how to go about making the changes.

My process results in an XBox which will no longer run XBox games (originals or copies), and which is effectively an Amiga. If this is not what you would want in a similar project, then it’s up to you to determine how to achieve your results. In fact, I will not be held accountable for any undesired outcome of your projects, period.

Another caution: Early computing is something I have a fond nostalgia for, so this post is also going to ramble a little in places, you have been warned! Having said this, the post is paginated so that you can skip the parts which are not relevant to you.

One final note: This post is very long and I have very limited time right now.
At the time of writing this, I have not entirely finished the project. Some minor configuration issues remain with the Amiga/Xbox screen resolution not being perfectly configured, and one or two pieces of software configuration still to do. I’ve decided to publish the post early of entirely completing the process because the project has raised some interest – and I think I can put enough here to make it an interesting post all the same.

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