Delphi Essentials: DeLeaker

Track down leaking memory, windows handles critical sections, and many other leaking resources, in your Delphi and Visual Studio C++/C# applications with Deleaker! Supporting 32 & 64 bit applications and both native and managed code, Deleaker tracks allocations and disposal of resources at run time, provided an aggregated view of leaks with complete call stack! … Read more

A Birthday Present for Delphi at 23!

I decided to write an app to celebrate Delphi’s 23rd birthday and valentines day.Happy Birthday my beloved Delphi! (Best Viewed Full Screen, Source and binary downloads below). The binaries provided here are Debug builds, and should be considered an Alpha version.I intend to put release builds on the app stores as time permits. Present App … Read more

The Ultimate Developer Keyboard?

I never really thought of my keyboard as an important accessory, but rather, as that essential item that you buy for the cheapest price possible and be done with. I mean, a keyboard is a keyboard right? Well, I discovered that your choice of keyboard can make a big difference, and so I wanted to … Read more