Bowling Challenge Solution

Bowling Challenge Solution. For my YouTube channel, I recorded myself solving the Bowling Challenge. This challenge isn’t entirely new to me, I’ve solved it once before as part of the hiring process for an employer. That was several years ago however, and while I remembered that this was an entertaining challenge, I remembered little about … Read more

Schrödinger’s Memory Manager

Schrödinger’s Memory Manager Besides the practice of writing software it’s self, there are few activities more engaging for a software developer, than to watch other developers argue about software development in social media. I’ll admit that while I usually abstain from taking part in such arguments, I am often tempted, and sometimes actually do stoke … Read more

Delphi, the best kept secret.

Delphi, the best kept secret. I tire of hearing it. Who uses Delphi? Isn’t it old? It’s niche? Can I get a job in it? Around 20 years or so of hearing the same ill-considered non-sense perpetuated. It’s time to set the record straight, and to be honest too. Introduction There’s a lot of negative … Read more

Memory Safety and Object Pascal

Memory Safety and Object Pascal Introduction The U.S. government recently made an appeal to the software development industry, to stop using C and C++, and to favor “Memory Safe” languages instead. Object Pascal is recognized by the NSA as a memory safe language, however, there does seem to be some misunderstanding in the community about … Read more

The costs and benefits of Interfaces.

The costs and benefits of Interfaces. Introduction I’m a fan of interface driven development in Delphi, and I am not quiet about that. Like any syntax feature however, it’s important to understand both the benefits, and the costs of the feature. Interfaces have several great benefits, but of course they also come with costs.Today, I’m … Read more

Why not GitHub? – Because not Git…

Why not GitHub? – Because not Git… If you feel you’re having “De ja vu”, this is possibly the third time that I’ve written about not using GitHub, or more specifically, not using Git. I’ve wrestled with this problem for several years now, and finally, I’m just done trying to use GitHub to host my … Read more

The Ultimate Developer Keyboard

The Ultimate Developer Keyboard? I never really thought of my keyboard as an important accessory, but rather, as that essential item that you buy for the cheapest price possible and be done with. I mean, a keyboard is a keyboard right? Well, I discovered that your choice of keyboard can make a big difference, and … Read more

REST, You’re doing it wrong.

REST, You’re doing it wrong. Introduction My wife recently expressed her frustration with the abundance of blog posts entitled ‘you’re doing it wrong’, or some approximation there-of; and so I could hardly resist writing one of my own! In this post I’d like to take a look at REST, and how it’s being used, or … Read more